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Tropical Extremes services the entire State of Kansas, from Topeka to Dodge City, over to Fort Scott and up to Kansas City and Atchinson. From College Events and Activities to Corporate Events and Team Building Activities, we cover all the bases and are completely mobile.

What Are Tropical Extremes Services?

Tropical Extremes provides Unique Activities like Laser Battle (laser tag), Archery Battle (Archery Battle Tag), Hydro Battle (water tag), and Skeet Battle (clay shooting).

We crossed regular laser tag and your average paintball and created a new hybrid sport, Laser Battle, but we use military grade infrared guns- this is NOT your kiddie laser tag!

Have you ever wanted to shoot each other with real bows and soft tip arrows? Why not do so on our Archery Battle Field and get points for hitting the opposing team and for knocking out our targets in our real Archery Battle Tag!

Cool down on a hot day with a wide variety of water tag squirt guns on our Hydro Battle Field and just enjoy yourselves!

Ever tried clay shooting? Check out our innovative Skeet Battle system that utilizes infrared technology and see how good your aim is!

What makes Tropical Extremes even better? We come to you! That’s right, not only do you get an awesome, extreme experience, you also get to pick the location! Want us to set it up in a grassy field or back yard? Awesome! Staked out a great location on the beach? We’re there! Want the challenge of playing in the woods? Bring it on! Indoors? No problem! We can set up in conference rooms, ball rooms, gymnasiums, even empty warehouses.

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People Are Talking About Us

Client Testimonials

Thank you for all your help in making our division meeting event a success. A huge thank you to Scott and his team who ran the laser battle and the archery target range. They did an awesome job in getting folks engage. They were very enthusiastic and professional. I have heard nothing but great feedback from those who participated! I will definitely keep you guys in mind for future events.

-Paula H.


Yesterday, the Archery Battle was a major success! As I was walking around everyone wanted to take their friends and go try it. The guys really got into the tactical aspect of the battle and were super competitive, so that was fun to watch. Your staff arrived a hour ahead of schedule and were so nice about everything! They were a little tired and hungry so I gladly let them know where to get food (that drive up is soooo long)! Overall, I am really happy with how the event turned out. The archery was especially great and perfect for the theme. The set up was really cool, I love the inflatables!

David Johnson

Bradley University

We were extremely pleased with Hydrobattle! We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from all students and personnel involved in the event. Your staff was also very helpful as well as knowledgeable and unbelievably friendly. You’ve got a great crew, and we absolutely look forward to working with you all in the future. Thanks again.

Marie Gardens

RW University

Consider One of the Following Fun and Unique Activities:

Mobile laser tag at its most extreme. Incredibly competitive and highly entertaining adult style laser tag on a paintball bunker field. NOT kiddish laser tag.

Soft tip arrows, real bows, paintball bunker field. Are you ready to go Hunger Games?
For hot days at the end of Spring and beginning of the Fall Semester. Wide array of squirt guns on paintball bunker field.
SOFT TIP ARROWS. For those black light raves, try shooting down range at the Archery Target Range’s fluorescent target gallery. Great for Day/night and indoors/outdoors.
Check out our newest laser sport activity- infrared trap shooting experience with 5 players competing with real time scoring!


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