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Laser Tag Birthday
Laser Tag Birthday Fun


Unique Birthday Party Ideas


Laser Battle uses infrared equipment and is therefore perfectly safe (for ages 8 & up)- there are no actual lasers coming from the guns, only sound effects that the kids will love.


Archery Battle is for a more mature group of kids (12 years & up) looking for a new challenge similar to paintball, but without the mess.


Hydro Battle fits those water themed parties for those hot days.


Dart Battle is perfect for the little ones who aren’t quite old enough to play the more extreme activities that we offer and will definitely meet their need for fun.


Laser Tag Birthday Laser Tag Birthday Laser Tag Birthday


Local Locations for both Dallas and South Florida


We are approved vendors for most county parks in the Collier, Miami-Dade, Broward and Grapevine/Dallas areas.


Check out the Sports CLUB Center for an indoor option for your Tropical Extremes birthday party.


If you have any questions or concerns about finding a local park for your party, please contact our Main Office at 239-594-1527 or via the Quick Contact link to the left of every page. We’re more than happy to help with suggestions.


*See our Home Page for more details on Tropical Extremes, Inc., and activity pages for further details on what each offers.


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Laser Tag Birthday Party
Laser Tag Birthday Party
Laser Tag Birthday Party