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Our unique activities are perfect for corporate teambuilding, company entertainment, and resort recreation.


Top activities for the corporate event


Corporate Event

Laser Battle

Takes a team effort as you all work together to stay in the game and knock out the other team to win the battle. We can facilitate a bracketed tournament to truly emphasize strategy and leadership for your company or clients.


Archery Battle

Time is limited so you all have to work as a unit. Help each other retrieve fallen arrows. Team up to tag players on the other team, and work together to knock out targets for more points towards the win.


Skeet Battle and Archery Target Range

Test individual abilities as you work as one team to build the highest score for the ultimate win.



Top activities for resort and guest recreation


Corporate Event
  • Laser Battle - best for high volume activities and has the most versatility.

  • Archery Battle - perfect for themed events such as “Hunger Games” or “Renaissance.”

  • Skeet Battle and Archery Target Range - for your adult guests who prefer more refined activities.

  • Hydro Battle - for all ages as it creates an open, fun and wet atmosphere on those hot and sunny days. Picture “Fun in the Sun”!

  • Dart Battle - specifically for the young ones to be entertained and occupied.


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