Laser tag & more for your campus activities, college events and parties.


Take your campus event planning to an entirely new level of extreme fun with adult style activities like Laser Battle, Archery Battle (Hunger Games style) and Hydro Battle.



What are you planning?


Campus Activities
  • ✔ A large open campus competitive event
  • ✔ Hunger Games Themed event
  • ✔ Zombie party
  • ✔ Greek outing
  • ✔ Housing recreation
  • ✔ Spring Festival
  • ✔ Fall “Welcome back/Freshman”
  • ✔ Water Day
  • ✔ 25 to 500+ players



Consider one of the following fun and unique activities:


✔ Laser Battle

Mobile laser tag at its most extreme. Incredibly competitive and highly entertaining adult style laser tag on a paintball bunker field. NOT kiddish laser tag.


✔ Archery Battle

Soft tip arrows, real bows, paintball bunker field. Are you ready to go Hunger Games?


✔ Hydro Battle

For hot days at the end of Spring and beginning of the Fall Semester. Wide array of squirt guns on paintball bunker field.


✔ Archery Target Range

SOFT TIP ARROWS. For those black light raves, try shooting down range at the Archery Target Range's fluorescent target gallery. Great for Day/night and indoors/outdoors.


✔ Skeet Battle

Check out our newest laser sport activity- infrared trap shooting experience with 5 players competing with real time scoring!



Where can you hold your event?


All of our activities, with the exception of Hydro Battle, are indoor or outdoor, day or night.

Campus Activities


  • ✔ Park
  • ✔ Gymnasium
  • ✔ On Campus
  • ✔ Convention Center
  • ✔ Ballroom


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