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From College Events and Activities to Corporate Events and Team Building Activities, we cover all the bases and are completely mobile. Tropical Extremes services the entire State of Arizona, from Phoenix to Tucson, up to Flagstaff and down to Deer Valley Village.


What Are Tropical Extremes Services


Tropical Extremes provides Unique Activities like Laser Battle (laser tag), Archery Battle (Archery Battle Tag), Hydro Battle (water tag), and Skeet Battle (clay shooting).

We crossed laser tag and paintball to create a new hybrid sport, Laser Battle, but we use military grade infrared guns- this is NOT your kiddie laser tag!

Want to shoot each other with real bows and soft tip arrows? Do so on our Archery Battle Field and get points for hitting the opposing team and for knocking out our targets in our real Archery Battle Tag!

Spend a Hot day cooling down with our variety of water tag squirt guns on our Hydro Battle Field and just enjoy yourselves!

Try your hand at clay shooting with our innovative Skeet Battle system that utilizes infrared technology!

What makes Tropical Extremes even better? We come to you! That's right, not only do you get an awesome, extreme experience, you also get to pick the location! Want us to set it up in a grassy field or back yard? Awesome! Staked out a great location on the beach? We're there! Want the challenge of playing in the woods? Bring it on! Indoors? No problem! We can set up in conference rooms, ball rooms, gymnasiums, even empty warehouses.