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ImageGuests experience something they never thought they could...piloting a REAL under-water drone from the side of the pool, dock, or beach. The controller allows the guests to see what the R.O.V. sees under the deep blue water. Video glasses can be used by the guests for a virtual look below. The guest pilot is tasked to navigate through obstacles, find treasure targets and operate the grabber arm to pick them up.


The ROV is named L.O.V.E.

(Live Ocean View Experience)


Where: Pool, pond, lake, marina, beach, dock side, boat side. Fresh water, salt water, pool water


When: Daytime or Nighttime, Resort

activities, Holidays, Corporate Events, etc.


ImagePoolside Challenges


• Retrieve treasure in target competitions

• Grabber lets teams challenge each other to collect the most loot

• Race against other in an obstacle course


Beach Excursion


• Search area for fish and other marine life

• Explore the ocean floor

• Attract more fascinating fish with the bait


Snorkel / Dive Buddy


• Go offshore and explore boat side with the ROV

• Allow boaters to have a live view of the snorkelers and divers below



Lagoon / Lake Eco Mission


• Explore eco systems and marine life habitats

• Use the ROV in conjunction to your own Eco / Conservation programs


ImageVideo Glasses


With our video glasses, you get a crystal clear virtual view of what the ROV is transmit-ting live underwa-ter! This is a great way to enhance your underwater experience.


Test your skills, race against others!


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